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Welcome to IET
The Institute of Ecological Technology is a distributed self-organizing research institute, with a focus on non-conventional ideas and solutions within ecological technology. It was formed in the late 70s, inspired a lot by some ideas by the Austrian Viktor Schauberger and has undergone a series of metamorphoses, but can be seen as a focus point for groups interested in non-conventional ecological ideas and solutions.

Our purpose is to be a place for discussion and co-operation for those interested in actively helping to bring about a change and making ecological alternatives real.

Read about the recent IWONE 2023 conference (10:th International Workshop on Natural Energies).

It was a very interesting conference on water - with focus on alternative methods for treating water, extracting energy and healing nature.
The conference took place on:
Friday August 11th - Sunday August 13th, 2023, at Höör (outside Malmö) in Sweden.

Water flowing from pond