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         1 st International Workshop On Natural Energies (IWONE)
                (9/3 - 11/3 2001 in Grossbothen near Leipzig, Germany)


Mr Harthun, Mr Hallberg and I (Mr Tribuzio) decided last year to meet in Leipzig on a weekend
to discuss different subjects of Viktor Schaubergers theories.

The intention was to hold a more practical workshop.

Soon many of you heard about it and told us their intention to join our "little" workshop too.
We were very suprised and honourde as 34 participants inscribed themselves to what
should be the 1 st IWONE.

We hope that this workshop will be a first step to a more opened and joint work.

The organizers would like to thank everyone who came to the workshop especially
Mr. Jörg Schauberger and Mr. Richard Feirabend.

The different  speakers still independently use varius translations of the German designations of the devices.
After the 1 st IWONE they discussed a standard designation via e-mail and choosed those which were recommended mostly. (Thanks to Callum Coats whose participation in the discussion was very helpfull though he was not able to join the workshop). In order to avoid misunderstanding in the future please use these these designations.