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IWONE 2023 - At a glance

It will be a very interesting conference on water - with focus on alternative methods for treating water, extracting energy and healing nature.


The conference takes place on:
Friday August 11th - Sunday August 13th
, 2023, at Höör (outside Malmö) in Sweden.


IWONE is a workshop covering non-traditional ways to affect water flow, water quality, plants, weather and eco-systems, as well as non-traditional alternative energy sources. Historically the workshop has had a focus on ideas related to the Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger. Viktor Schauberger spent a large part of his live observing nature in untouched wilderness areas, and tried to develop methods for the management of natural waters and forests in way that was working in harmony with nature.


This year's conference will cover ways to affect water in subtle ways, e.g. with flow forms, and to measure the effects. We will look into methods to restore waterways and forests with Schauberger's methods and explore unconventional ways to extract renewable energy from water.

Topic discussionsInk droplets

Practical workshops on water flow and extracting energy from water droplets will give some hands-on experience in this area, and we will take time to contemplate and observe water, to somewhat lift the veil of water's secrets.

Clay Table Workshop

Water vortex in bucket

From the preliminary presentation list ...

This is only a quick glimpse and not the full presentation list. More information about the conference including the full presentation list and complete abstracts will be posted later.

A virtual excursion into the Bernerau area in Steyrling ‒ lessons from Viktor Schauberger's observations of water in untouched wilderness
Restoring forests, restoring waterways
healing nature with Viktor Schauberger’s methods

Lasse Johansson

Viktor Schauberger spent many years making observations of water and its motion in an untouched wilderness area in Austria a hundred years ago, leading to a new understanding of undisturbed waterways and ecosystems. In these presentations we will retrace the steps of Schauberger in this wilderness area and explore his methods to restore waterways and heal eco-systems.

Workshop observing water movement and forming water in clay channels (Practical workshop)

Nigel Wells

In this workshop we will experience how a river shapes from a straight canal into a meandering water way. We will be able to shape different flow forms ourselves in a clay stream and will spend time observing patterns of flowing water.

Ice images as a method to estimate water qualityGisela Ahlberg in memoriam
Curt Hallberg & Lasse Johansson

In the early 1990s Gisela Ahlberg pioneered using photographs of frozen water as an alternative way of assessing water quality. In this presentation we will discuss the relevance of her research and take time to contemplate photographs from her collection.

Water, wine and the sacred, an anthropological view of substances altered by intentioned awareness, including objective and aesthetic effects

Stephan Schwartz, USA

This presentation will explore research on how intent and awareness can affect physical (measurable) properties of water and substances such as wine, as well as their subjective aesthetic appearance.

Energy enhancement in dynamic and static water
Jan Capjon & Benny Johansson
Jan & Benny will report from their research on how flow-forms and storage vessels designed with projective geometry can influence the properties of water.

Small curved flow in still water
David Jonsson

David will discuss how curved fibre and bundle structured flow can explain otherwise difficult to explain effects in still water such as clusters, circular dichroism
and ion cyclotrons.

Molecular water research as the gateway to understanding life
Michael Bache

A presentation that will reflect on how molecular water research is a key to understanding life and discuss how electro/magnetic fields can influence water.

Workshop with fog turbines and energy from water droplets

Curt Hallberg, Robert Bärnskog, Lasse Johansson & Martin Wozniak

90 years ago, Viktor Schauberger suggested ways to extract electrical energy from water by mimicking processes that can be observed in waterfalls in nature. In this practical workshop we will review rather neglected research on extracting energy from disintegrating water into droplets and explore how it could be used as a renewable energy source.

Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions
Gary Vesperman
Among the poster presentations, Gary Vesperman will present a panorama of inventions within the non-traditional alternative energy sources focus area, covering among other things: permanent magnet motors, capturing radiant energy (outside the visible spectrum) from the sun, gas-phase cold fusion, torsion fields and effects of unconventional water pumps.

The IWONE conferences 2001-2023, a retroperspective of two decades of alternative water research
As this is the 10th IWONE conference, we will take time to make a historical tour of the IWONE conferences from the first one in 2001. We will look at some highlights from the conferences, give some personal recollections, and review how the conferences have evolved over the years.

... and much more

See a list of the presentations...


Coffee cycloid in swirling flow