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IWONE 2007 - Focus Areas

IWONE is a platform for individuals and groups concerned with (alternative) phenomena grouped together under the more general theme “Natural Energies”. This theme covers areas such as non-traditional ways to affect water quality, plants, weather and eco-systems, as well as non-traditional alternative energy sources. Historically we have had a focus on ideas related to the Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger.

The idea is that the participants should hold speeches (around 30 minutes) in order to present new ideas or to inform about their actual work or recent research. We also encourage discussions, and the participants will get feedback through discussions and interaction with the audience

We'll have some focus areas this year and will reserve some of the time for papers within these areas. (We'll encourage papers on topics within these areas, but will of course accept any interesting paper within the broader range mentioned above.)

We will try to maintain a balance between speeches that cover theoretical, experimental and practical results. We'll have a half-day with more practical workshops, and at least one of the days is reserved for the focus areas. We also intend to have a minor exhibition for those who want to display a product or to demonstrate an experimental set-up.

Alternative water treatment
This focus area covers alternative (non-chemcial) ways of treating water to improve its quality for drinking, for plants and agriculture, and for other uses. It covers e.g. indirect water treatment, the effect of vortexing and water motion on water quality, magnetic water treatment and unconventional methods to measure water quality.

Alternative water flow
This area could cover guiding and self-organizing water flow (e.g. Schauberger's energy bodies), temperature regualtion of water courses, sloping logs, and other forms of indirect river regulation. It could also cover areas like the effects of interaction between vegetation and river courses on the stability and evolution of the river bed, and alternative means to conduct water, e.g. double spiral pipes, fin pipes, Knossos pipes, Schauberger kudu pipes etc.

Indirect influences on plants and soil
This area covers alternative means to influence quality and growth on plants. E.g. Schauberger's garden repulsator, paramagnetic towers (Callahan), pyramid greenhouses, and other alternative influcences on vegetation. Also treatment of plants and soil with alternatively treated water.

Other areas that we typically cover

Alternative climate influencing
Alternative propulsion systems
Non-traditional alternative energy sources


Coffee cycloid in swirling flow