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IWONE 2007 - Practical Workshops (Preliminary)
The below list is preliminary (not complete) and may be subject to change. The workshops within each section will be going on in parallel, in small groups.

Alternative Water Flow

River regulation with Viktor Schaubergers principles - Practical experiments in a small stream  
Curt Hallberg & Lasse Johansson

Self-organizing Flow - Demonstration of Drop Channels
Morten Ovesen

Other demonstrations by participants.

Alternative Water Treatment & Indirect Effects on Plants and Soil

Vortex treatment of Manganese-rich well water
Curt Hallberg, Morten Ovesen, Anders Ive

Vortex generation in barrel
Curt Hallberg & Lasse Johansson

Demonstration of a vortex trap
Mathias Båge

Other demonstrations by participants.


Coffee cycloid in swirling flow