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IWONE 2007 - Presentation list (Preliminary)
The below list is preliminary (not complete) and may be subject to change.

Alternative Water Flow

Earth’s Rotation Induces Vertical Ground Water Flow
Maria Engström & Bo Nordell, Sweden

Seasonal Groundwater Turnover in the North and South of Sweden 
Maria Engström & Bo Nordell, Sweden

The relation between fluid flow and temperature gradients
David Jonsson, Sweden

Rethinking the ecology and conservation of a riverine European priority habitat in the light of Schauberger’s approach to hydrology   
Wojciech Puchalski, Poland

Halve the need of energy   
Jürgen Sass, Sweden

News from PKS and from Schauberger- and Implosion-researchers in Austria
Jörg Schauberger, Austria

The Warmonderhof Flowform experiments
Hans van Sluis, Netherlands

Overview of Virbela Flowform research
Nigel Wells, Sweden

Alternative Water Treatment & Indirect Effects on Plants and Soil

Generalization of Methods for Alternative Water Treatment Developed in Russian Speaking Countries    
Aliaksandr Alevanau, Belarus  

The Memory of Water   
Sven Bergvall, Sweden  

Experiences with water vortex treatment   
Curt Hallberg, Sweden  

Synchronized water - Inducible natural qualities in water with profound effects on biology and environment   
Benny Johansson, Sweden  

Alternative Water Treatment - Effects, Mechanisms and Perspectives on Water Quality   
Lasse Johansson, Sweden

Water, what is it?
Cees Kamp, Netherlands

Clinical experience of Markov's Fito-Cocktails application
Valery Lapitzki, Belarus (Presented by Aliaksandr Alevanau)

Effects of energized water by the example of Grander-Technology - general theoretical considerations on possible mechanisms of action in living systems, and possible analytical approaches   
Bernhard Pollner, Austria

Monitoring the effects of Agnihotra and modern alternative water treatment devices on growth, structure and ecological performance of aquatic biota
Wojciech Puchalski, Poland  

Chloride removal with vortex treatment 
Dan Reese, United States  

Water Memory Induced by Electromagnetism
Udai Pratap Singh (et. al.), India  

Physical effects of potentiation of water
Johannes Widakovic, Sweden  

Non-traditional Alternative Energy & Vortex Flow

Thermodynamic and electrical effects in vortexes   
Conrad Hopman, Switzerland  

A Mathematical model of turbulent physics  
Edmundas Jauniskis, Lithuania  

Building Joe Cell   
Kalle Kikas, Estonia  

Reconstruction of Repulsine models
Klaus Rauber, Germany

The double screw flow shape. Patents, scientific investigations and an assessment of it’s contribution to cause the human chest cavity vacuum   
Matthias Ruile, Germany 

Vortex interpreted at the light of Chaos and Irreversibility 
John Rius-Camps, Spain
Poster presentations

Tornado generator
Christopher Gargula, Australia  

Alternative Energy Technology - The Evolution Tour
Robert A Patterson, United States   

About the general principles for the extraction of low potential energy of an environment   
Evgeny Sorokodum, Russia  


Coffee cycloid in swirling flow