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IWONE 2009 - Presentation list (preliminary)
The below list is preliminary (not complete) and may be subject to change.

In addition to the presentations and workshops, there will be topic discussions within the different focus areas.

Introduction & Survey

Focus area introductions
Lasse Johansson, Sweden

Alternative Climate Influencing & Alternative Water Flow

The Oulanka expeditions 1980-82 and their relevance today
Lasse Johansson, Sweden

Power losses due to retardation and their prevention in water flow
David Jonsson, Sweden

Water´s threefold nature, Flowforms and the significance of rythmical flow patterns
Nigel Wells, Sweden

Experiences with meandering water (Practical workshop)
Nigel Wells, Sweden

Alternative Propulsion Systems

Some ideas on Vortex Lift
Curt Hallberg, Sweden  

Efficient transportation on water 
Jürgen Sass, Sweden

Investigation of the inner structure of a vortex (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg & Anders Ive, Sweden  

Experiments with vortex propulsion (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg & Anders Ive, Sweden  

Non-traditional Alternative Energy Sources

Cold fusion
Anders Heerfordt, Denmark

Rasagrain Solar Energy Concentrator (Poster presentation)
Jim Rasmusson, United States

Alternative Energy Technology - The Evolution Tour (Poster presentation)
Robert A Patterson, United States   

Alternative Water Treatment

Measurements of the water treatment device of Watreco
Anders Ive, Sweden  

Synchronized water – A coherent oscillating state in bulk water respiration
Benny Johansson, Sweden  

How to make living and healing water
Torben Munk Nielsen, Denmark

Charging Water with positive Qi
Kelly McKennon,
United States

Experiments with irrigation using treated water (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg & Anders Ive, Sweden

Investigation of the effects of vortex treatment on water (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg & Anders Ive, Sweden

Orgone Emanation From Planets? (Poster presentation)
Buryl Payne, United States

The Biofield - A new type of Force (Poster presentation)
Buryl Payne, United States


(Practical workshop)Coffee cycloid in swirling flow