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IWONE 2011 - Abstract list (preliminary)

Alternative Water Flow

Stress in rotating water due to thermal motion
David Jonsson, Sweden

Based on the assumption that ideal flow is disturbed by retardation a method of restoring ideal flow is shown by the application of added heat. One type of accelerated flow by heating is shown for use in propulsion. Both normal stress and shear stress in curved and accelerated flows can be caused by thermal motion of molecules. This stress can in combination with ionization cause both electric and magnetic fields. The special case of vortex and vortex like motion is analysed in order to find if the stress can affect the flow and maybe explain the strange properties observed in some vortex flow. The complexity of vortex flow is described.

The Quest for the Schauberger Effect in Flowing Water – Simulation of the Flow through a Kudu-Horn
Josef Pühringer

The study of Viktor Schauberger's texts leads to the conclusion that there might be a very special flow pattern in water or air which manifests itself by the reduction of pressure losses, light phenomena and chemical reactions. All these effects can't be explained by conventional science. So there might exist some effects which can be measured but will not show up in simulations applying the known laws of physics.

This contribution uses the results of pressure loss measurements of Sten Kullberg (1982) done with a Kudu horn shaped copper pipe and compares these curves with the result of a CFD-simulation (2005) for a pipe of the same shape.

The results showed a good agreement of the measured and calculated curves despite the fact that the dimensions of the pipe were taken from copied drawings. However, in this special case it was not possible to find the Schauberger effect.

Flowforms and the work of the late John Wilkes
Nigel Wells, Sweden

This presentation will cover what is going on on the Flowform world. From aesthetics to practical to suble energies. John Wilkes the inventor of the Flowform method as well as being an excellent sculptor was also a researcher. He died this spring (2011). He managed to get financed and built at the end of his life the Healing Water Institute at Emerson College in Forest Row, England. The HWI is now run by Iain Trousdell. The International Flowform Association is a worldwide group of designers, researchers and teachers looking to a holistic view of water and working practically in many applications of water. In sweden the Flowform work is representaed by Virbela Ateljé and Nigel Wells.

Experiences with meandering water and flowforms (Practical workshop)
Nigel Wells, Sweden

In the workshop we will experience how a river shapes from a straight canal into a meandering water way. We will be able to shape different flow forms ourselves in a clay stream.

Experiments with vortex flow (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg, Sweden

The inner structure of a vortex is very complex and well worth a study. In this case we will have a big barrel (3 m3)  of water where we will study the vortex flow and behaviour of material of different densities at various flow images. We will also study vortex generation in a special egg shaped tube and in some other geometries.

Natural Flow - The effects of
Bede Mackle, New Zealand

Natural movement of water is never linear, although linear is the only parameter engineers use for design. So I have collected data on sections of 4 or 5 different streams which demonstrate  perfectly the shapes and forms water creates. This, I will present in methods common to my profession. Plans, sections cross-sections etc, along with modelling of this data. My aim is to show that while probably random, there is also common characteristics to all of them. More importantly this information and all the raw data will be available, to anyone who may have more analytical skills, or experience in revealing the mathematics behind this most natural of phenomena.

Double Vortex Hydro-Electric
Ben Tyers & Rod Everett, United Kingdom

We are working together to build a 'Living Water' hydro using a wooden funnel shaped pipe over a length of 62 m. Vortex generators will direct the liquid crystal water into a double vortex. This will accelerate the water flow as the pipe reduces in diameter from 130 mm to 23 mm. This cooling vortex will also accelerate the water speed.  The propeller is designed as an opposite direction vortex, which when running at speed will allow the water to flow in its liquid crystal structure at the same time as generating power. Currently we are fund raising to build this experimental phase of the project. The second phase will power the local village.

Alternative Water Treatment

The Secret Life of Water: E = H2O
Gerald H. Pollack, United States

School children learn that water has three phases: solid, liquid and vapor. But we have recently uncovered what appears to be a fourth phase. This phase occurs next to water-loving (hydrophilic) surfaces. It is surprisingly extensive, projecting out from the surface by up to millions of molecular layers.

Of particular significance is the observation that this fourth phase is charged; and, the water just beyond is oppositely charged, creating a battery that can produce current. We found that light recharges this battery. Thus, water can receive and process electromagnetic energy drawn from the environment — much like plants. The absorbed light energy can then be exploited for performing work, including electrical and mechanical work. Recent experiments confirm the reality of such energy conversion.

The energy-conversion framework implied above seems rich with implication. Not only does it provide an understanding of how water processes solar and other energies, but also it may provide a foundation for simpler understanding natural phenomena ranging from weather and green energy all the way to biological issues such as the origin of life, transport, and osmosis.

The lecture will present evidence for the presence of this novel phase of water, and will consider the potentially broad implications of this phase for physics, chemistry and biology, as well as some practical applications for engineering.

Lime crystallization in swirling water
Johan Kronholm, Sweden

Limescale is a large problem in regions with hard water. One application area of Watreco’s vortex generator is limescale reduction. Powerful vortexing causes lime (calcium carbonate) precipitation to occur in the water in the form of small particles, instead of the hard to remove scalings that are usually formed. Old scalings may also fall off as the vortexed water starts to disintegrate the lime. Observations from Watreco’s installations are presented in this paper together with similar reports from nature and the literature. The extreme vortex subpressure, possibly causing cavitation, could explain this phenomenon. The paper also discusses calcification in e.g. humans and soil in relation to water vortexing.

A dissipative state implies a reduction in thermal infrared emission and fractal ordering in distilled coherent water
Benny Johansson, Sweden

An organized highly stable coherent structure of bulk liquid water forms on irradiation in the presence of low entropy sunlight at room temperature, characterized by persistent fractal long distance-attraction based on self-organization ability. Reduction in thermal IR emission tunes a significant decline in surface temperature and aligns structural conformity. A distinctive configurative coherent aqueous state reveals a fractal scaling relationship in temperature fluctuations that maintains a self-organized structural adaptation irrespective of ambient temperature. In coherent water, the fractal constitution reveals a tentative high aesthetic preference in the human perception of naturalness, resembling the fractal nature of real snowflakes.

AquaLogik Vitalisator
Alex Buitenhuis, Sweden

   Main focus of my presentation is the use and experiences of the AquaLogik Water Vitalisator and the use of EM (effective micro-organism) in household and agriculture in the Netherlands and Austria. The Vitalisator is a tool with a ceramic core. In the core arises a vortex and the ingredients of the ceramic transfers into the water structure. The ingredients of the core are diverse: minerals, spore elements, effective micro-organism and ground seashells. The water takes only over the vibration information and doesn't use the ingredients of the core. The Vitalisator makes inorganic minerals in the water more readily available to the plants. Effects on the plants include improved root structure and plant sickness resistance.
   The Vitalisator itself and in combination with the use of EM results in an improved ecological environment. Examples include improved stable climate and animal well-being in pig farming.

Effect of Qi on plant growth and water
Ralf Schliwa, Germany

The presentation covers experiments done with the Shen-Ion HarmoNIK system - a device to amplify Qi and program different information into it. The system can be strapped to surfaces like water tubes resulting in improved vital energy level in the water. Reporting on the effects this has on liquids: 1) Plants treated with such vitalized water showed significant differences in plant growth during tests done at University of Applied Sciences in Weihenstephan, Germany. 2) Water treated with Shen-Ion HarmoNIK was analyzed with water crystal photography (similar to Emoto), results will be shown. 3) Liquids (e.g. red wine, apple juice, olive oil) treated with the Shen-Ion HarmoNIK information taste different - reporting of a double blind test series with 50 persons that showed astonishing significance. This test can be re-done at IWONE in a workshop session

Water the Mystery of Life (excerpt)
Robert Bezbradica, Croatia

An brief except from the film, covering alternative research on water by Viktor Schauberger and Vili Poznik. For more information see: watermystery.com

Some effects of vortex treatment on water (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg, Sweden

Some effects of vortex treatment of water will be studied: Ice crystallization with different waters, observation of how ice crystals appear in polarized light. Chromatography studies of treated water. Blind taste test of coffee made from vortex treated water and untreated water.

Effect of  CoEnzyme Q10 on 50-HZ-powerline exposed water induced behavioral alterations in rats
Mandavi Singh, India

Charles foster rats were used in the present study to assess the effect of co-enzyme Q 10 on 50- HZ- power line exposed water induced behavioral alterations. The rats about 10 weeks old were divided into different groups, group E1 was given distilled water to drink at libitum, group E2 was given 48 hr Electromagnetic field (EMF)exposed water to drink ad libitum and group E3 was given 48 hr EMF exposed water along with intragastric Co enzyme Q10 at the dose of 10mg/kg body weight daily for a period of 90 days after which they were subjected to open field exploratory behavior test, elevated plus maze behavioral test as well as behavioral despair test of depression

In all the three tests, substantial protective effect of Co enzyme Q 10 was observed against deleterious effects of electromagnetic field exposed water on behavioral patterns of the animals. Therefore, it is stated that the Co enzyme Q10 administered simultaneously along with the deleterious agent reduces the load of free oxygen radicals by its action and hence protects the subject against deleterious effects of the free radicals produced by electromagnetic field exposed water in this particular experiment

Results of an Investigation of the river "Große Tulln"  in Austria over 40 km over 14 months
Claude Bärtels, Germany

The Große Tulln is a river in Niederösterreich, that flows from its source at the mountain pass “Klammhöhe” over 40 Km into the “Donau”. The lecture will show how the river was investigated with classical physical methods, plus a picture
giving procedure. This was done in correlation to medical examination when blood values are taken and picture giving procedures like x-ray or MRT are additionally taken to decide about medical measures.

We will show, that it is possible to describe parameters of water quality and characterize a river profile over its distance and as well over the periods within a year. We combined the Vincent profile, the UV / VIS Spectroscopy and the Evapo Image and found a context between all parameters numbers, curves and pictures and all of them together gave a “quality characteristic” for the whole river.

Our contracting authorities were the State Government from Niederösterreich and the Austrian Life Ministry.

Schauberger-research, historical and present
Jörg Schauberger, Austria

Overview about Schauberger-research that is done in the German-speaking countries - at universities, at companies, by private groups and individuals, and especially at our PKS-institute/Schauberger-archives in Bad Ischl. One of the high-lights in practical work is River-engineering by Otmar Grober, following the principles of Viktor Schauberger. Recently a PhD-Thesis about "Meandering River-Ramps" was finished by Christine Sindelar the Technical University Graz, Austria. Also a brief historical background will be given about Viktor's log-flumes
and his apparatus for creating spring-like water.

Living water vortex jug
Erik Lavigne, Denmark

Possibility to utilize vortex technology to clean poisoned waters
Giorgio Iacuzzo, Switzerland

During the Vietnam war in the 1960s and 1970s, US Air forces sprayed more than 80.000 tons of “Agent Orange”, dioxin, above tropical forest in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, mainly in the territories of the Mekong river. This was decided in order to spoil the trees from leaves, depriving in this way the liberation movement fighters from the shield of natural vegetation. From those years all surfacing waters from springs, torrents, small rivers and main river has been undrinkable due the high content of Triclorophenol component, a highly cancerous poison.

In order to provide fresh water to the peasants in the delta, the Swiss voluntary organization Esperance since many years are drilling wells, 80 to 120 meter deep, coupled with simple lever pump. But another problem arises. As in Europe we have Radon gas underground, in a wide area of Asia there is an high arsenic content in soil, so still the water from wells are undrinkable immediately.

It is necessary to store the picked waters in old style round containers in order the arsenic particles decant in the bottom, only after 10-12 days the people can utilize the water in the top of the container. Can the vortex technology be a potential solution to eliminate those two poisons from water?

Indirect effects on plants and soil

Effect of Magnetized Seeds on the Health of Mustard (Brassica juncea) Crop
Narendra Nath Singh, Udai Pratap Singh & K. K. Rai, India

Effect of discrete poles of a magnet on the seeds of mustard (Brassica juncea L.) revealed differential effect on magnetic polarities (north and south poles) on the mustard crop. The magnetic effect was better on several parameters of the mustard crop, viz., plant height, number of branches per plant, number of nodes per plant, weight of 100 eeds (mg), number of seeds per gram and total yield (q/ha) as compared to the  crop grown from the untreated seeds. The effect has been attributed to magnetically induced long term biological changes induced in treated seeds. The magnetized water can be used for commercial production of mustard crop in countries where its oil is used as an important component of daily diet.

Effect of Magnetically Restructured Water on Mustard (Brassica juncea) Crop and its Aphids
Udai Pratap Singh, Narendra Nath Singh & K. K. Rai, India

The effect of magnetically altered water on mustard crop and its aphid (Lipophis eryrimi) population was seen. Studies conducted at the agricultural farm of Banaras Hindu University show that the plants treated with magnetically altered water harbour less number of aphids as compated to plants treated with unexposed water. The effect of magnetized water on height of plants, number of seeds, boldness of seeds and yield performance was significantly better as compared to control. It is concluded from the present results that the magnetized water can unequivocally be used in managing the aphids and increasing the yield of mustard crop. This method is also safe and ecofriendly as against the use of synthetic insecticides which have already been proved as highly hazardous to humans, animals and flora and fauna as a whole.

Synergistic Effect of  Magnetically Altered Water plus Endosulfan in Controlling the Mustard (Brassica juncea) Aphids
Narendra Nath Singh, Udai Pratap Singh & K. K. Rai, India

The effect of magnetically restructured water and different concentrations of endosulfan on the survival of mustard aphids was seen under field conditions. The results indicate that the mixture increased the efficacy of the insecticide. This led to conclude that the combined effect of the insecticide acted in a synergistic way which can serve as a better control measure against crop pests. In this way the dose of insecticides can be reduced to a great extent reducing the possibility of health hazards in humans, animals and providing safety to environment. This also unveils a possibility to utilize magnetically restructured water in human medicines to increase their efficacy.

Intelligent energy fields in agriculture
Christer Evensen, Sweden

All living organisms consists of energy and energyfields. They all have their unique "frequency", their specific energetic signature. A field-trial was performed on three different egg-production-farms, targeting the Red-Mite problem in modern poultry industry. BioSynx transmitters were installed, creating an energetic change in the environment. The Red Mite decreased and dissapeared. The BioSynx technology can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Focus is on working WITH Nature, helping to create total balance in animals, plants, soil and water. Not to fight specific problems, as Red-Mite, weeds in agriculture, Sea-lice in aquaculture etc. The potential of this kind of energetic technology is tremendous and should be further investigated and developed, along with new business models. The speach will briefly describe the technology, the on-going trials in agriculture and aquaculture along with future possibilities.

Soil Repulsator Theory and Practice
Curt Hallberg, Sweden

The Soil Repulsator is a way to generate a "higher diamagnetic" or ennobled growth force that is emitted from Viktor Schauberger's machines and devices. The lecture will deal with a practical way to implement such a device in your garden, to improve growth of your own vegetables and plants. Some aspects on how Viktor Schauberger explained the working principles behind the diamagnetic potential and the results hereof will also be touched upon.

ORMUS minerals for agriculture
Mathias Båge, Sweden

These minerals - found in sea water, unrefined salt, spring water, well water, even in air! - promise to revolutionize farming, both conventional and organic.

Given to plants, these minerals shorten the growing period, increase yield, reduce watering needs, increase drought and freeze resistance, plants produce more viable seeds, etc. Trials with chickens in Holland suggest that these minerals will increase disease tolerance, chickens gain more weight faster using less food, and yield more valuable breast meat. If administered to bees (or indeed any pollinating insect), it is believed that these minerals could reduce the problems with Colony Collapse Disorder, regardless of its cause(s).

The concentration and extraction of ORMUS minerals from natural sources is very easy - it can even be done in your kitchen or backyard.  Where plenty of fresh water is available, low-cost magnetic vortex "traps" can be utilized.

Trials with ORMUS production and agricultural applications in at least three african nations will be conducted in the near future. My own (ongoing) trials will also be presented, and a magnetic vortex trap demonstrated.


Coffee cycloid in swirling flow