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IWONE 2013 - At a glance
Here is a glimpse of some of the presentations (this is just a glimpse and not the full list of presentations):

Non-Traditional Alternative Energy Sources

In the Non-Traditional Alternative Energy Sources area, several presentations will cover unconventional energy sources related to water or solar energy.

Neal Graneau from the United Kingdom will present his experimental research on unconventional energy release from water fog explosions, i.e. what appears to be release of molecular binding energy in water.

Konstantin Meyl from Germany will present his research on vortex processes and how they relate to a potential novel energy source - the extraction of neutrino power.

We will also look into some of Viktor Schauberger's energy research, e.g. in a practical workshop on the Nürnberg experiments.

Alternative Water Flow

In the Alternative water flow area, we will cover river regulation with Viktor Schauberger's principles, including practical results reported by Niels Werdenberg, Switzerland and Jörg Schauberger, Austria.

We will give particular attention to the open questions of the Oulanka expeditions' (1980-82) research programme on Viktor Schauberger's river engineering principles, including a dedicated topic discussion on ways to carry on the research from where the expeditions left it.

A practical workshop on Self-organization in flowing water will give some hands on experience of this area.

Several presentations will discuss vortex flow in water from various perspectives, including a presentation on the relation of projective geometry to Schauberger's water flow images by Florin Secosan, and updates from earlier conferences by e.g. Jürgen Sass and David Jonsson.

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(Practical workshop)Coffee cycloid in swirling flow