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IWONE 2015 - Getting there
The seminar is going to take place at the location of Holma Foundation ("Stiftelsen Holma") outside the town Höör. See the map.

243 92 Höör

Höör is situated at the centre of the district Skåne in the south of Sweden - approximately 50 km northeast of Malmö.

By air

Nearest international airport is Kastrup (Copenhagen). From Kastrup, train leaves every 20 minutes for Malmö railway station and further on to Höör.

In Höör we can pick you up and take you the last kilometres. Please contact us via email some week before the seminar.

By train

Take the train directly to Malmö (or Copenhagen) then as from the airport.

By car

Driving can be done:
1)    From Germany via the ferries from Sassnitz, Rostok or Travemünde to Trelleborg.
        Then via road 108 towards Lund and north via E 22.
        After Hurva turn left towards Hässleholm on road 23. After aprox 30 km you will pass through Höör.
         Link to TT-line booking

2)    From Denmark via the bridge (fee 275 SEK aprox. 30 euro one direction) to (around)
        Malmö then via E 22 and further on as in case 1.

Skåne thumbnail                              Höör
Map over southern part of Sweden,                    Höör City
Skåne and part of Denmark.

Getting From Grottbyn to IWONE (at Holma)

Follow the road back towards road 13 and Höör.
Approximately 200m before your would reach road 13, turn left and
slightly backwards onto a small road. Sign towards "HOLMA".

After 600m you will see the main building to the left.


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