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IWONE 2017 - At a glance
Here is a glimpse of some of the presentations (this is just a glimpse and not the full list of presentations):

Non-Traditional Alternative Energy Sources

In the Non-Traditional Alternative Energy Sources area, several presentations will cover unconventional energy sources related to water and the atmosphere.

Evgeny Sorokodum will present his research on extracting energy of heat and pressure of the calm environment (i.e. from water and the atmosphere). Rein André Roos will present his ideas of using atmospheric electricity and water synergy as a non-traditional alternative energy source.

We will also look into some of Viktor Schauberger's energy research, including a practical workshop on the repulsine and fog generation.

One presentation will cover efforts by Jan van Toor and Georg Schröcker  to better understand Viktor Schauberger's devices for energy generation, including suction pipes and repulsine wave plates. Another presentation by Lasse Johansson will cover the historical development of Viktor Schauberger's ideas on energy extraction.

Alternative Water Flow

In the Alternative water flow area, several presentations will cover flow forms, including a presentation on a novel fish flowform concept by Bart Wesseling and the relation between flowforms and projective geometry by Simon Charter.

A practical workshop by Nigel Wells on water movement and forming water in clay channels will give some hands on experience in this area.

Curt Hallberg will share some of his experiences with water vortices, and several presentations will cover various perspectives on vortex flow both practically and theoretically.

Structuring Alternative Research on Water

Several focus groups and topic discussions will cover efforts to structure alternative research on water from various perspectives, including ways to make progress with Viktor Schauberger's energy machines, methods to rank and evaluate non-traditional alternative energy devices and efforts to standardize terminology of alternative research on water.


(Practical workshop)Coffee cycloid in swirling flow