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IWONE 2017 - Topic discussions
The  topic discussion slots of the conference are opportunities to discuss more in depth the questions from the presentations at the conference.

Within the topic discussions it is also possible to form focus groups for working with more specialized questions or following the status within a focus area.

The following is a preliminary list of focus groups within each focus area of IWONE 2017 (more will be added):

Non-traditional alternative energy sources
  • Viktor Schauberger's energy machines - possible next steps
  • Energy from water fog explosions
  • Methods to rank and evaluate non-traditional alternative energy devices

Alternative water flow
  • Verifying Viktor Schauberger's river engineering principles
  • Using projective geometry to study water flow patterns

How to structure alternative research on water

  • Standardizing terminology of alternative water research
  • Information databases for alternative water research
  • Alternative quality measurement of water (definitions, methods and standards)


Coffee cycloid in swirling flow