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Self-organizing Flow Technology
- in Viktor Schauberger's footsteps, 49 p.

Ovesen, Hallberg


Report (No 1)

Pdf report

This report tries to evolve a new perspective on the ideas of the Austrian
naturalist Viktor Schauberger, with the aid of concepts from modern
research into chaotic and self-organizing systems. The focus of the report
is on modelling. With the aid of concepts like self-organization, free and
forced vortex flow, chaotic pulsation, mathematical bifurcations and
minimal surfaces, and with flow images like “handkerchief dynamics”
and “toroidal vortex flow”, we try to sketch a natural sciences perspective
that comes close to Schauberger's.

We replicate the Stuttgart experiments with vortex generation and
particle separation, and give an overview of existing research in the area.

The report also covers applications such as oxygenation of water, e.g. in
fish ponds, bathing facilities, and sewage plants, and particle separation,
e.g. in laundry plants, the food industry, and paper-mill industry. Some
perspectives are also given on restoration of natural waterways and minor
lakes or bays.

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