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How do I join?

Well, this is rather easy. The most important requirement is that you are active. You do not really need to burn for the sake but you must be prepared to work for a while or so. You must also be prepared to share your results with the other members, i.e. when your work is finished we will put the report on the web.

You will NOT get a complete association with fixed rules and administration. You will find a rather loose network with people and organizations that are working together towards the same goal. We will work together in different projects for a while, sharing information, work and joy. Then some will go on with other projects and some will continue to work together on a new one. You are the creators, you are the thinkers!

The role of IET is that of being a co-ordinator, a helping hand or a catalyst.  If you want to join, write a short email to us (see the Contact page for details) where you express who you are, education, your knowledge in the actual topics, etc.

And, write something about what you do or want to do. You can add a photo if you like. We will put this on the members pages (you need a password to get here) so you must add in your email that you permit us to put it there. The reason is that we intend to have a database on resources, and the members is one kind of resource.

When you start with your work we will try to help you with info, ideas etc.
We are working across distances, maybe across the globe. Communication is the solution. Then, remember, you are the very people who make interaction in this group happen. If no one sends any mails to the list nothing will happen here...

Welcome onboard!
Spreading waves