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1:st WONE

Proceedings from 1:st IWONE


       IWONE 2003

2nd International Workshop On Natural Energies
(8.8 - 10.8 2003 in Höör near Malmö, Sweden)

Accomodation and fees

Meeting- Fee (2,5 days; coffee break, lunch and dinner included): 95 Euro / person.

This fee has to be paid after you have received the confirmation of your registration;
transfer to Föreningssparbanken Sweden, swiftID: SWEDSESS, clearing nr: 8214-9
Kto. nr: 113.077.376-3, holder: Curt Hallberg.

Please note, that the full fee arrives at the bank account above, which means you have to pay any commission for this transfer already in your country!

Accommodations in youth hostel and hotel are inclusive breakfast:
In-house:        simple standard, single-bed room (10 - 15 rooms):
150 SEK aprox. 16 Euro / night + breakfast 30-40 SEK aprox. 4 Euro;

Youth hostel:     250 SEK aprox. 26 Euro / night
Hotel:         850 - 900 SEK aprox. 89 - 100 Euro / night

Initiators:     Hallberg Curt, Harthun Norbert, Tribuzio Pasquale

Curt Hallberg, IET