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IWONE 2009
IWONE 2009 conference (International Workshop on Natural Energies) was held at August 28th - 30th, 2009 at Höör (50 km northeast of Malmö), Sweden.

General Information

IWONE 2009 Focus
Here you find more information about the focus areas for IWONE 2009. This year we, in addition to the traditional focus on Alternative Water Treatment, also covered: Non-traditional alternative energy sources, Alternative propulsion systems and Alternative climate influencing.

IWONE 2009 Presentations
Here you find a list of presentations for the conference.

IWONE 2009 Abstracts
Here you find the abstracts of the presentations.

IWONE 2009 Schedule
Here you find a detailed schedule for the conference.

If you have any questions you can use the following address to contact us:

Conference proceedings

Submitted presentations/papers will be published in conference proceedings (together with the abstracts). The proceedings will be published in pdf format, downloadable from IET, and probably also in a small series in printed form. Papers / presentations / summaries of presentations that you wish to appear in the proceedings should be submitted by email.

Recommended formats: Latex, MS Word, ordinary text, Powerpoint. If you submit/present a paper in pdf format, you should also submit it in an editable format (such as one of the above). Latex/Tex and other submissions should be sent zipped if they contain more than one file.


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