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IWONE 2011 - At a glance
Here is a glimpse of some of the presentations (this is just a glimpse and not the full list of presentations):

Alternative Water Treatment

Gerald Pollack
from the United States will present his interesting research on exclusion zones in water, i.e. what appears to be a fourth phase of water, which can receive and process electromagnetic energy drawn from the environment — much like plants.

Several presentations will cover effects of alternative water treatment devices.

We will have an update on water treatment and measuring of water treatment effects from vortexing by Johan Kronholm (Watreco) in Sweden.

Indirect effects on plants and soil

A group from India (Udai Pratap Singh and 2 colleagues) will present research on water treated with permanent magnets, and its effects on aphids and mustard plants. They will also present an interesting paper on the biological effects of water treated with 50 Hz electromagnetic fields.

Curt Hallberg will summarize research in Sweden on Viktor Schauberger's garden repulsator (glass eggs that affect plant growth in its vicinity).

Alternative Water Flow

David Jonsson will present his research on vortex flow and temperature in water.

Several practical workshops covering water flow and water treatment - including av workshop on meandering and flowforms by Nigel Wells.

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(Practical workshop)Coffee cycloid in swirling flow