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IWONE 2015 - Abstract list (preliminary)

Alternative water treatment

Energizing water through flow — and research on the effects
Jan Capjon, Norway

The research and education trust Foundation for Water (FFW) has resulted from the life-long research and development work of John Wilkes. FFW develops and produces so-called Flowforms, which create harmonic and dynamic flow in water. The foundation claims that these flow patterns “energize” or “vitalize” water and that this effect can result from designs based upon so-called “path curves”, which are constructed through projective geometry (PG). The claims are supported through (convincing) qualitative studies like plant growth, morphology and crystallization patterns. This vitalisation claim is rejected by established science, which represents an obstacle towards public acceptance and further development.  

A new research project has been proposed with objective to challenge the rejection. It is based upon the research of Gerald Pollack, which uses UV/VIS spectroscopy for quantitative measurement of so-called EZ (exclusion zone) content in water. EZ content is correlated to the water´s degree of vitalization, whereby energetic structure before and after treatment can be measured and compared.  An IR-based method (Benny Johansson) is additionally included for comparative measurements. If effective, the quantitative measurements will be combined with qualitative methods – to analyse possible correlations. Additionally the quantitative effects of employing PG-based designs will be compared to using similar, but non-PG-based designs.

Infrared Spectra Alteration in Water Proximate to the Palms of Therapeutic Practitioners
Stephan Schwartz, United States

Through standard techniques of infrared spectrophotometry, sterile water samples in randomly selected sealed vials evidence alteration of infrared (IR) spectra after being proximate to the palms of the hands of both Practising and Non-practising Therapy Practitioners, each of whom employed a personal variation of the Laying-on-of-Hands/Therapeutic Touch processes. This pilot study presents 14 cases, involving 14 Practitioners and 14 Recipients. The first hypothesis, that a variation in the spectra of all (84) Treated spectra compared with all (57) control spectra would be observed in the 2.5 - 3.0 micrometer range, was confirmed (p = 0.02). Ten per cent (15) of the spectra were done using a germanium Internal Reflection Element (IRE). Ninety per cent of the spectra (126) were done with a zinc selenide IRE, and the difference in refractive index between the two IREs skews the data. The zinc selenide IRE spectra alone yield p = .005. The authors believe the most representative evidence for the effect appeared in the sample group of Treated vs. Calibration Controls using the zinc selenide IRE (p = 0.0004). The second hypothesis, that there existed a direct relationship between intensity of effect and time of exposure was not confirmed. This study replicates earlier findings under conditions of blindness, randomicity, and several levels of controls. Environmental factors are considered as explanations for the observed IR spectrum alteration, including temperature, barometric pressure, and variations dependent on sampling order. They do not appear to explain the effect.

Keywords: Infrared-spectra, therapeutic-intent, hydrogen-bonding, healing, water

Rythmical Flow Phenomena in water and applications of Flowforms
Nigel Wells, Sweden

A short presentation of what is happening with the research and developement of Flowforms worldwide. Flowforms and constructed wetland systems för cleaning waste water. Streaming water fenomena playgrounds in schools. What can we learn from flowing water patterns?

Water memory processes — Interfaces, radiation and information transfer
Lasse Johansson, Sweden

A phletora of experiments implying some kind of water memory exists - i.e. an ability of water to retain information or structure, particularly after different kinds of alternative water treatment. This presentation briefly reviews the characteristics of various water memory phenomena, and what constraints that can be put on their nature.

AETHER - the function of shape. The experiments behind the iron curtain
Diana Siswartonova, Czech republic

A report on experiments of the researchers of the eastern European bloc. Robert Pavlita, a psychotronic researcher in the former Czechoslovakia. After 30 years of experimenting, he discovered how combination of specific geometries and materials could influence the flow of subtle energy.

He purified samples of waste water by exposing it to his "charged" device. After several hours of exposure the water was clear and the laboratory has qualified it as pure drinkable water. They found changes in the hydrogen bonding angle.

The devices were objects of specific shapes, which were of great importance. Pavlita's devices were triggered by focused mental energy and would then accumulate the aether and induce different physical or chemical changes in material objects. Pavlita's findings were positively tested and verified by the Physics department of the Hradec Kralove University in Czechoslovakia for 2 years. Conclusion was that unknown form of energy was involved.

Practical observations of reserchers behind the Iron curtain tell us something about the necessary precondition for achieving of a measurable effect.

This is a different perspective. A perspective of forms - shapes - angles, and their importance as bearers of quality.

Anomalous Effects of Torsion-like Fields on Water and other Liquids
Timothy Winey, United Kingdom  

Torsion energy was most famously investigated and coined by the Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Alexandrovich Kozyrev whose experiments have been replicated and expanded upon by many others.  For purposes of my talk, I will limit "definitions" of torsion to consistently recorded, measurable effects.

Torsion energy can be stored in intermediate substances which in turn, can then be used like torsion "batteries" to transfer lossless effects on to target liquids (I will demonstrate this battery transfer).  One curious, and pleasant, torsion side effect is improved flavour of beverages (e.g. the world Sloe Gin Competition was won using this technology).

In my own experimentation, I was primarily interested in structuring water in such a way as to render it resistant to decay over time.  Early experiments included structuring water then microwaving it.  This water would then (after cooling) be fed to plants which still grew much taller than controls, although not as straight as structured water that was not microwaved.  Cut flowers wilt more slowly when placed in structured water and are far less odoriferous when allowed to "rot", which has non-trivial implications for food quality (increased shelf life).

Torsion fields applied to fuels (diesel and petrol) have shown highly anomalous reductions in emissions. Oxides of Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, and particulates have all been dramatically reduced, including reductions of CO in small petrol lawn mower-type engines to under 100 ppm (most such engines produce emissions of 30,000 to 60,000 ppm CO).

We have completed optical engine tests showing highly anomalous diesel combustion in an optical test engine and are now directing more rigorous university combustion and chemical testing.  We also have plans to restructure water for hydroponics systems due to increased shelf life, improved flavour and reduced evaporation rates.

A historical view of the water treatment devices of Viktor and Walter Schauberger
Jörg Schauberger,  Austria

Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958), a forest warden, natural scientist and inventor, had made many related discoveries in various fields from the late 1920’s till the 1950’s including forestry, agriculture, hydraulic engineering, water refining and Free Energy - about which he left a comprehensive collection of work. Viktor warned as early as the 1920's about an impending environmental crisis. He therefore proposed alternative ways in how to treat nature, especially our life-source water.

His son Walter Schauberger (1914 - 1994) invented several water treatment devices, too. They are based on the findings of his father Viktor and on calculations according to his "tone-law", represented by egg-shaped devices and hyperbolic funnels.

The lecturer is grandson/son of Viktor/Walter Schauberger.

What is life - Beyond the heart and water?
Benny Johansson, Sweden 

Cosmic alignment, bringing chaos into order is a great opportunity. Independent lines of evidence provides support for the existence of a global information field that connect all living systems and consciousness. Every cell is bathed in an external and internal enviromnent of subtle magnetic forces that can affect every circuit in biological systems. Certainly, it is not surprising that numerous physiological rhythms in humans and global collective behaviors are not only synchronized with solar and geomagnetic activity, but disruptions in these fields can create adverse effects on human health and behavior. Water is the main component of living matter, accounting for about 70 % of total mass and 99 % of the total number of molecules. The ”respectable” biological molecules account for only 1 %. Water is more than a solvent. A loss of a small amount of water (1-2 %) cause severe problems of dehydration. Water is a dynamical fractal quantum medium govering the existence of ”organic codes” in the interaction amo g molecules, organs, the body and the environment obeying long-distance recognition supported by coherent domains of water (CDs). The interconnective link between living systems and resonating geomagnetic frequencies allows communication between individuals via a biological, electromagnetic, and nonlocal fields supported by water CDs, to consciously increase coherence in the global field with distribution to all living systems within the field.

The Life Forming Energetic Process via vortex induced implosion
Mikael Lund, Canada

Introduction to my Viktor Schauberger inspired story on how I got started on my Journey with Water. Instant absorption versus lack of absorption of drinking water. A description of the design of the Vortex Water Revitalizer and the functional effects of the vortex induced implosion in the water. The effects upon soil and plant health/growth when applying vortexed water Water saving effects of vortexing irrigation water. The Vortex Water Revitalizer design and function in bigger applications. Life Force? What is it and how does it relate to the world we live in? Where do we go from here with all the knowledge and the little accomplishments we have achieved this far? How do we establish co-operation within the wide group of people, companies and organizations represented here at this conference to further developing practices supported by the underlying principles as laid out by Viktor Schauberger.

Alternative lake treatment
Brian McSwiney, Ireland

Main focus of my presentation is my experience of lake using a recirculating water vortex, for the propose aeration and restoration of a lakes water quality of. The presentation will meander through my fist encounters with alternative water treatment and how this led to the assembly of a compost tea brewer for preparations used in natural agriculture. Followed by a period of working on a micro hydro development project, and designing some test kits to circulate large amounts of water through a turbine. The outcome of a culmination of experience and experiments left me with the equipment and know how to assemble an alternative water treatment device that could be used for the treatment of a polluted lake in my locality. This will be accomplished oxygenation of lake using a recirculating water vortex device.

Experiences with meandering water and flowforms (Practical workshop)
Nigel Wells, Sweden  

In the workshop we will experience how a river shapes from a straight canal into a meandering water way. We will be able to shape different flow forms ourselves in a clay stream.

Experiments with vortex treatment of water
Curt Hallberg, Sweden (Practical workshop)

In this workshop we will do experiments with vortexed water and look into some measurable effects. We will study an egg-tube with swirling flow and the vortexing process in a three stage water vortexer where the vortexing process can be visibly observed. We will then study how the vortex treated water affects coffee absorption.

Alternative climate influencing
Vegetation, the Watercycle and Atmospheric Electricity
Rein Andre Roos, France

The atmosphere of the Earth behaves as a classic electrical discharge gap which has consequences for as well the vegetation as the watercycle. This discharge gap is charged by the Solar wind and produces the natural earth electric field. Through the Ohmic and Geiger regimes, the electric field influences the growth of the vegetation and the growth of the vegetation influences this electric field (Becquerel 1850),. The Townsend discharge regime is the major natural fertilizer of the Earth, which is illustrated by the, over 150 years during, Broadbalk experiment and the spikes in nitrate levels after the winter period. The Corona discharge, known from the Burning Bush event in the Bible, is also responsable for electro evaporation – electrospray*, condensation nuclei and water treatment. This discharge, together with vegetation are, as we will see, the basic ingredients of lightning,  torrential rains and innundations. The Electric Wind* is the following phase in the regime, producing superstorm activities, removal of vegetation on a country wide scale and surface water contamination. This is because the regime makes that the Earth atmosphere is acting like a geant Van der Graaff Generator. We end this lecture with the useful information why it is better not to shelter under the vegetation (tree) against the effects of the watercycle (rain) in case of strong atmospheric electricity activity (lightning). * will be demonstrated.

The biocondenser and tree measurements by Walter Schauberger
Jörg Schauberger, Austria

Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958), a forest warden, natural scientist and inventor stressed the importance of the vegetation cover for the climate. His son Walter Schauberger developed these ideas and coined the term "the biocondenser" for the electric insulation caused by vegetation in between the athmosphere and the earth. He later developed measurements of the electric potential of  trees to study this. This presentation gives a brief overview of these ideas.

Static electricity from falling water - Viktor Schauberger's Nürnberg experiment
Curt Hallberg & Robert Bärnskog, Sweden (Practical workshop)  

A practical demonstration of Viktor Schauberger's water jet experiment , creating static electricity from falling water jets, and a discussion of its relevance.

Indirect effects on plants and soil

Physiological Response of the Cyanobacterium Anacystis nidulans to a Magnetic Field
Udai Pratap Singh, India   

Physiological responses of the cyanobacterium, Anacystis nidulans to direct and indirect exposures to a 0.3-T permanent magnet for different lengths of time were studied. Direct and indirect exposures, different exposure periods, and different magnetic poles produced significantly different effects. We suggest that the magnetic field (MF) caused these biological effects by inducing changes in the structural chemistry of water. We believe that different water structures caused these effects by influencing the organism’s nutrient uptake, and the enzymatic activities, and the orientation of the precursor biomolecules in the liquid crystalline phase during physiological synthesis.

Key Words: Cyanobacterium Anacystis nidulans, Magnetic poles, Magnetically restructured water.

Understanding Schauberger’s Repulsator, Noble Compost and Their Relationship to the Electric Universe Theory
Bernice Kadatz   

One of the newest fields in astrophysics is the study of electric universe theory (EUT). The EUT is based on the recognition of existing natural electrical phenomena (eg. lightning, St Elmo's Fire), and the known properties of plasmas (ionized "gases"), which make up 99.999% of the visible universe, and react strongly to electro-magnetic fields. These same phenomena are also present in nature, including the soil. Viktor Schauberger describes creating a rudimentary electro-chemical cell in his directions to make the repulsator. The addition of zinc and copper fines to the system are integral components of the electro-chemical cell. The hymen field as described by Schauberger is the visible evidence of a very delicate layer of electrical charge that nature creates when the natural electrochemical cell is functioning. This paper describes the various components of the repulsator, how they function as an electro-chemical cell, their connection to the sophisticated anthropogenic Terra Preta soils of the Amazon jungle plus a modern and simple technique to create the similar system in our gardens.

Soil adsorption of vortexted water (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg, Sweden   

In this workshop we will study how water seepage through a large column is  affected if water previously have been vortexed, and discuss the various consequences this has for soil adsorption of water and for agriculture.

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Coffee cycloid in swirling flow