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IWONE 2015 - Presentation list (preliminary)
The below list is preliminary (not complete) and may be subject to change.

In addition to the presentations and workshops, there will be topic discussions within the different focus areas.

Introduction & Survey

Focus area introductions
Lasse Johansson, Sweden

Efforts to structure alternative water research
Lasse Johansson, Sweden

Alternative water treatment

Energizing water through flow — and research on the effects
Jan Capjon, Norway

Infrared Spectra Alteration in Water Proximate to the Palms of Therapeutic Practitioners
Stephan Schwartz, United States

Rythmical Flow Phenomena in water and applications of Flowforms
Nigel Wells, Sweden

Water memory processes — Interfaces, radiation and information transfer
Lasse Johansson, Sweden

AETHER - the function of shape. The experiments behind the iron curtain
Diana Siswartonova, Czech republic

Anomalous Effects of Torsion-like Fields on Water and other Liquids
Timothy Winey, United Kingdom  

A historical view of the water treatment devices of Viktor and Walter Schauberger
Jörg Schauberger,  Austria

What is life - Beyond the heart and water?
Benny Johansson, Sweden 

The Life Forming Energetic Process via vortex induced implosion
Mikael Lund, Canada

Alternative lake treatment
Brian McSwiney, Ireland

Experiences with meandering water and flowforms (Practical workshop)
Nigel Wells, Sweden  

Experiments with vortex treatment of water
Curt Hallberg, Sweden (Practical workshop)

Topic discussions - Alternative water treatment

Alternative climate influencing
Vegetation, the Watercycle and Atmospheric Electricity
Rein Andre Roos, France

The biocondenser and tree measurements by Walter Schauberger
Jörg Schauberger, Austria

Static electricity from falling water - Viktor Schauberger's Nürnberg experiment
Curt Hallberg & Robert Bärnskog, Sweden (Practical workshop)  

Topic discussions - Alternative climate influencing

Indirect effects on plants and soil

Physiological Response of the Cyanobacterium Anacystis nidulans to a Magnetic Field
Udai Pratap Singh, India   
Understanding Schauberger’s Repulsator, Noble Compost and Their Relationship to the Electric Universe Theory
Bernice Kadatz   

Soil adsorption of vortexted water (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg, Sweden   
Topic discussions - Indirect effects on plants and soil

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(Practical workshop)Coffee cycloid in swirling flow