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IWONE 2019 - At a glance
Here is a glimpse (not the full list) of some of the presentations of the upcoming IWONE 2019 conference, Friday August 9th - Sunday August 11th, 2019, at Höör (outside Malmö) in Sweden.

Alternative water treatment

In the Alternative water treatment area, several presentations will discuss various ways to affect water in subtle ways.

Jan Capjon and Benny Johansson will present the results from a research project with Foundation for Water on ways to measure effects of vitalizing water in flowforms.

Jan van Toor will present his re-engineering and investigation of Viktor Schauberger's Sherman "Edelwasser" device.

Jørgen Jensen will present the results of vitalizing water with an egg shaped glass jug and mountain spring water from Norway.

David Jonsson will discuss the stability of microscopic flow structures in the form of helical toroidal flow and their possible role as a kind of water memory.

A practical workshop on vortex flow and vortex treatment of water will give some hands on experience of this area, including effects on seepage of water through the ground.

Indirect effects on plants and soil

In the Indirect effects on plants and soil area, Julian Barnard will (in a video presentation) invite to a discussion on how the growth patterns of plants relate to how the Bach flower essences work.

Casandra Askjær will present experiences from using Atma essences (a new type of essences based on water only) on people, plants and in a special garden in Denmark.

Lasse Johansson will discuss gardening and restoration with Schauberger's garden repulsator and bio-machines, and a practical workshop with Curt Hallberg will give hands on experience with the garden repulsator.

Alternative climate influencing - with focus on restoring ecosystems and healing nature

In the Alternative climate influencing area, several presentations will cover the role of groundwater in eco-system restoration.

Jörg Schauberger (grandson of Viktor Schauberger) will discuss Viktor Schauberger's view on nature and restoration.

Nirmala Nair will present lessons from Bhutan on enhancing eco-system resilience through groundwater restoration.

Casandra Askjær and Jørgen Jensen will present results from Denmark on
ground water and eco-system restoration using vitalized water and sacred

Structuring Alternative Research on Water

Several focus groups and topic discussions will cover efforts to structure alternative research on water from various perspectives, including databases on research related to Viktor Schauberger, methods to evaluate alternative water treatment processes and the elusive question of water quality.

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(Practical workshop)Coffee cycloid in swirling flow