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IWONE 2019 - Presentation list (preliminary)
The below list is preliminary (not complete) and may be subject to change.

In addition to the presentations and workshops, there will be topic discussions within the different focus areas.

Introduction & Survey

Focus area introductions
Lasse Johansson, Sweden

Alternative water treatment

Trying to explain small stable structures in fluids where advection is constrained
David Jonsson, Sweden

Re-Engineering of Viktor Schauberger's Sherman "Edelwasser" device
Jan van Toor, Germany

Vitalizing water
Jørgen Jensen, Denmark

Introduction to vortex treatment of water
Curt Hallberg, Sweden

Experiments with vortexed water (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg, Sweden

Workshop observing water movement and forming water in clay channels (Practical workshop)
Nigel Wells, Sweden

Energy in dynamic and static water
Jan Capjon, Norway & Benny Johansson, Sweden with participation of Florin Secosan (geometry).

Bach flower essences and the patterning of water
Julian Barnard, United Kingdom

Water and memory - some reflections
Lasse Johansson, Sweden

Topic discussions - Alternative water treatment

Indirect effects on plants and soil

Atma essences and the atma garden in Denmark
Casandra Askjær, Denmark

Water and Earth - Basis of Life
Alec Boswijk, The Netherlands

Gardening and restoration with Schauberger's garden repulsator and bio-machines
Lasse Johansson,  Sweden

Exploring Viktor Schauberger's garden repulsator (Practical workshop)
Curt Hallberg, Sweden

Topic discussions - Indirect effects on plants and soil

Alternative climate influencing - with focus on restoring ecosystems and healing nature

Viktor Schauberger's perspective on nature and restoration
Jörg  Schauberger, Austria

Efforts to structure alternative water research - an update
Lasse Johansson & Robert Bärnskog, Sweden  

Influencing local adaptive process through integrated regenerative  methods that enhance the resilience of the eco-system as a whole - lessons from Bhutan NAPA project
Nirmala Nair, South Africa

Restoring and vitalizing groundwater
Casandra Askjær & Jørgen Jensen, Denmark

The Aquairis grey water cleaning system.
Nigel Wells, Sweden

Observing and contemplating water (Practical workshop)
Lasse Johansson & Curt Hallberg, Sweden
Topic discussions - Alternative climate influencing - with focus on restoring ecosystems and healing nature


Alternative water flow

Tornado funnel models
Paul Walker, Australia

Non-traditional alternative energy sources

The repulsine
Mathias Båge, Sweden

Solving global energy problems
Evgeny Sorokodum, Russia

Inconsistencies in EM Theory - the Kelvin Polarization Force Density Contradiction
Zoltan Losonc, Hungaria

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Coffee cycloid in swirling flow