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IWONE 2017
The IWONE 2017 conference (8:th International Workshop on Natural Energies) took place at August 4th - 6th, 2017, at Höör (50 km northeast of Malmö), Sweden.


With two years since the last IWONE in 2015, it is time for a new interesting workshop - an opportunity to present and discuss unconventional research in an open and relaxed atmosphere.

IWONE is a workshop covering non-traditional ways to affect water flow, water quality, plants, weather and eco-systems, as well as non-traditional alternative energy sources. Historically the workshop has had a focus on ideas related to the Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger. The workshop is organized by Institute of Ecological Technology (IET) - a non-profit foundation and distributed self-organizing research institute, situated in Sweden.

General Information

The idea is that the participants should hold speeches (15-60 minutes, in general 30 minutes) in order to present new ideas or to inform about their actual work or recent research. We also encourage discussions, and the participants will get feedback through discussions and interaction with the audience. If you do not have a presentation, it is possible to participate as a listener (if there is space). The maximum number of participants is 60.

We try to keep a balance between presentations, practical workshops and topic discussions.

IWONE 2017 Focus areas
Here you will find information about the areas that the conference covers, and definitions of the focus areas for IWONE 2017. This year the focus areas will be:
  • Non-traditional alternative energy sources
  • Alternative water flow
  • How to structure alternative research on water
IWONE 2017 Schedule
Here you find a detailed schedule for the conference.

IWONE 2017 Presentations
Here you will find a list of the presentations of the conference.

IWONE 2017 Abstracts
Here you will find the abstracts of the presentations of the conference.

IWONE 2017 A quick qlimpse
A quick glimpse of some of the presentations of the conference.

IWONE 2017 Topic discussions
Here you find information about the topic discussions of the conference and focus groups for working with more specialized questions.

If you have any questions you can use the following address to contact us:

Presentations and deadlines

If you wish to give a presentation, submit Title and Abstract (50-200 words, detailing main focus of presentation and main results) before May 31st. (Abstracts received after May 31st may be accepted if there still is space.)

If you cannot attend, it is possible to submit your presentation as a poster presentation.

An expanded paper to be included in the conference proceedings should be submitted before July 15th. If no expanded paper is submitted only the abstract will appear in the proceedings.

The digital material for the live presentation (e.g. ppt or images) should be included on a USB-memory presented at arrival. You should specify if you need PC or MAC for the presentation.

Practical details

Conference introduction starts at 9 AM on Friday 4th August 2017, and the conference ends about 5 PM on Sunday 6th August 2017.

How to get to the conference

Conference proceedings and accepted formats

Submitted papers will be published in the conference proceedings (together with the abstracts).  The proceedings will be published in pdf format, downloadable from IET, and also in printed form.

Accepted formats: LaTex, MS Word, plain text.

LaTex submissions should use the following template: IWONE LaTex Template Submissions should be sent zipped if they contain more than one file.


Coffee cycloid in swirling flow